Markham Stouffville Hospital's Mental Health Program

Our club has recently adopted Markham Stouffville Hospital's Mental Health Program as our charity of choice for the next few years. The second leading cause of disability and premature death in Canada, mental illness affects one in every five Canadians. As our community welcomes so many young families, the need for adolescent psychiatry also continues to grow...and so must our hospital services.
Markham Stouffville Hospital


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Thank you for your generous contributions to this cause.

MSH Youth Mental Health Program highlights:

Markham Stouffville Hospital
  • A leading mental health treatment facility in York Region, providing a quality outpatient program for children and adolescents.

  • More than 3,600 youth visits annually, expecting to grow to 7,400 after expansion.

  • New Day Hospital after Expansion - This program will serve children aged 12-18 years whose daily functioning is impaired by anxiety, depression or other issues. These children are not currently attending school due to their mental disorder. The program's goals are: stabilization of symptoms, diagnostic clarification, medication monitoring, re- integration into school, as well as patient and family education. The Day Hospital will contain an academic program taught by a qualified teacher from the York Region District School Board.

  • The expanded Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinics will provide an inviting space where children and adolescents feel welcomed and supported, not judged.